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Adoption Support Services


Adoption Services are for families at every stage of adoption from placement to post-adoption. Any family formed through adoption is eligible. Family Advocate Coordinators coach and support parents, provide resources and referrals, work with family and school; Counselors provide adoption and attachment-based family therapy; Monthly Support Groups in every region of the county for all family members age two to adult; Monthly Friday Movie Night for children in every region of the county for age two to teen; Volunteer mentor/tutor program; Clinical Workshops twice each year for community providers, clinicians, educators and parents; Twice Annual Family Events to nurture the community of adoptive families; Monthly Newsletter keeps families connected and inspired.

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Program and Service Details

The SDYS Adoption Support Services Program provides an array of services for parents and their children held at locations throughout the County.

  • Family Advocates coach parents while partnering with them to find resources and referrals in the community.
  • The Family Resource Coordinator helps parents navigate the education system and matches families with mentor tutors.
  • Counseling Services focus on parent-child attachment with limited in-home therapy possible.
  • Clinical Trainings twice a year for adoption workers, clinicians, and caregivers focus on the special needs of adoptive families.
  • Monthly Support Groups for adoptive parents and youth allow families to share their experiences.
  • Friday Movie Nights provide adoptive children two to teenager with fun and social skills while their parents enjoy three hours of respite.
  • Monthly Saturday Enrichment Outings provide social skills through supervised community activities for five to 17 year olds while their parents enjoy respite.
  • Family Events twice a year allow families to connect with the wider adoption community.
  • Monthly Newsletter entertains, informs, and validates the adoption community.

Adoption Support Services
(619) 221-8600 x 2240

One Adoptive Family Story

by Keri and Paul

   In the beginning of our relationship, Ashley was easily angered and frustrated. Her confidence at school was low and she was consistently negative. To help cope with these issues, our SDYS therapist, Donna, suggested we try Narrative Therapy.  Narrative therapy is not easy, especially for the parents and we felt strange thinking about and telling our stories. We admit to going home and saying “Donna must be kidding!” In the end, the transformation has been nothing less than stunning. Ashley is much more confident, friendly and enjoyable. Her schoolwork, initiative, and behavior have all improved. She has even begun to receive compliments from her teachers. She often shares them with us and says they make her feel good. That simply would not have happened before. Her frustration levels are much lower and she is able to work on calming her before a total meltdown. Now, we enjoy our time together more than we would have dreamed possible six months ago.

Special Requests: Volunteers for movie nights and mentor/tutoring; Donations to fund enrichment activities for children and teens; Donations to expand the capacity of our clinical training program; Donations to fund special services for children and teens.

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