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End Homelessness

Prevent Delinquency
and School Failure

Break the Cycle of Child Abuse and Neglect 

Promote Mental Health and Addiction Recovery


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San Diego Youth Services
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San Diego Youth Services is committed to helping youth at-risk for mental illness and addiction. Prevention, early intervention and treatment services provide a broad range of options for youth and families who are at-risk and/or experiencing mental health and substance abuse problems. SDYS sees a need for programs to reach youth in school, on the streets and at home to help youth and their families through times of hardship and confusion. Through SDYS, youth and their families are given resources and programs to aid in their recovery.


Learn more about our programs and services:

Breaking Cycles

is a multi-agency, geographically diverse project designed to prevent escalating juvenile delinquency. SDYS is the lead agency providing alcohol and drug treatment services for youth referred through the County of San Diego’s Juvenile Probation Services. Learn More!

Camp Mariposa

Camp Mariposa is a traditional, fun, multi-day camp providing counseling and emotional support, while teaching participants a variety of problem-solving and self-care strategies. The camp gives children a chance to laugh, play, explore and learn, as well as to create friendships with other children who relate to them and understand what they are going through. Learn More!

Counseling Cove

provides intensive, outpatient behavioral health services and case management for Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED) homeless and runaway children and youth (12-21 years old) utilizing a comprehensive approach that is community based, client and family driven and culturally competent. Learn More!

East County Behavioral Health Clinic

is a full-service mental health clinic for youth and families residing in the East Region of San Diego County. Services include individual, group and family counseling, dual-diagnosis screening, assessment and treatment, crisis intervention, psychological testing, medication evaluations and oversight. Learn More!

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) – School Based and Community

provides services to children and families at Avondale, Bancroft and La Mesa Dale elementary schools. The PEI Team works with children and their families to improve adult-child relationships both at school and in the home with the goal of preventing mental health issues that can be an obstacle for academic success. Learn More!

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) – HERE Now Suicide Prevention

provides services on schools, including middle school and high school, and in community locations to serve children, youth and transition aged youth (TAY), with suicide prevention and early intervention program. Learn More!

Resource Family Agency

SDYS Resource Family Agency Program was the first foster care provider in San Diego County and is licensed to care for up to 30 youth ages zero to 18. SDYS Resource Family Agency recruits, certifies, trains, and supports foster parents to provide therapeutic care for traumatized children with the goals of reunification with biological family, adoption by an identified family, or preparation for adult living. Learn More!

STARS (Surviving Together, Achieving and Reaching for Success)

is a program for youth between the ages of 12-24 involved with commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.  STARS provides support to empower the youth to escape sexual exploitation by developing their inner strengths, building a sense of community and supporting their reintegration into mainstream society. Learn more!

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

is community resource designed to educate and inform teens of the importance of pregnancy prevention and safe sex practices. The program is a collaborative effort led by SDYS in partnership with SAY San Diego, South Bay Community Services, North County Lifeline and Mental Health Systems with services provided in schools throughout the County of San Diego. Learn More!

Transition Age Youth (TAY) Academy

provides a safe, inclusive, youth-led environment planned at five locations throughout San Diego County. The program is a collaborative effort between SDYS, YMCA, and South Bay Community Services to offer resources and give support to transition aged youth (ages 14-25). Learn More!

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