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San Diego Youth Services
Point Loma Campus
3255 Wing Street
San Diego, CA  92110
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Employee Benefits 

San Diego Youth Services offers comprehensive benefits to core employees who work regularly at least 20 hours a week.

Leave benefits may include paid-time-off (18 days for the 1st year, 22 days for the 2nd, 27 days thereafter), parental leave, bereavement leave, jury/witness duty leave, sabbatical leave, and 13 holidays.

In addition, we provide for a cafeteria-style benefits packet that allows eligible employees to choose from five HMO and one PPO health insurance plans, a DMO or a PPO dental plan, vision plan, a 403 (b) account (a non-profit retirement savings option), and a dependent-care, expense-reimbursement program.

Employees may also choose to participate in any of the following:

  • Life insurance
  • Personal hospital intensive care insurance, personal recovery coverage, personal sickness indemnity plan, personal cancer protector plan
  • Personal accident expense plan
  • Personal short-term disability insurance
  • Direct deposit of paychecks 

Furthermore, employees can purchase chocolates and candies at a discount from See’s wholesale outlet store, as well as discounted admissions to the movie theaters such as AMC, Pacific, Edwards, Regal, and UA theaters. We regularly distribute offers that assist employees in participating in recreational activities at promotional rates such as discount coupons to Knott’s Berry Farm, Soak City, Magic Mountain, the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

Pre-employment Requirements

Upon hire, San Diego Youth Services may require the following documents/information prior to employment, depending upon position.

  • I-9 Employment
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Copy of driving record
  • First Aid/CPR certification
  • Criminal record verification including fingerprinting
  • TB test results
  • Physical examination
  • Child Abuse Index check
  • Experience verification
  • Education and/or license verification
  • Other as determined by position hired for


San Diego Youth Services is committed to enhancing the professional skills of its employees, consistent with the agency’s goals and the employees’ job descriptions. In addition to development through on-the-job performance, mentoring, and supervision, staff members are recommended to obtain formal training hours as follows:

  • All direct service positions requiring a Master’s degree (including licensed staff, AOD staff, MFT Trainees and MSW Interns): 20 hours/year.
  • Foster Parents: 12 hours/year.
  • Child Care Workers: 40 hours/year
  • Core Staff/Direct Services: 12 hours/year
  • Management Staff: 12 hours/year

Actual required training hours may vary from the above recommendation depending on the contracts/projects the staff works on.

The agency publishes an annual training calendar on which all in-house training and workshops are listed, as well as selected development opportunities offered in the community. Examples of training topics are

  • Case management
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • Overview of substance abuse treatment for teens
  • Harassment and discrimination awareness & prevention training
  • Building bridges with youth
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Seeking Safety
  • Community Care Licensing
  • HIPAA/Confidentiality
  • Cultural Competency

For a previous year listing of training offered, please contact Human Resources.

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