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Storefront is San Diego’s only emergency shelter program for homeless, runaway, and “street” youth. Youth can access the shelter with or without referral and will be assured a safe place to stay until their lives have been stabilized with the help of professional and caring staff and volunteers.

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Last year, 192 youth received safe shelter! During their stay at the Storefront, each of these youth received safe refuge. Our case managers worked with these youth to help prepare them for their next step toward achieving a stable life.

Learn more about the programs of the Storefront Shelter:

Night Shelter

The Storefront Night Shelter is a 20-bed emergency shelter--the only one in San Diego specifically designed for homeless and runaway youth. The goal of the Storefront is to stabilize the lives of vulnerable youth. 

  • Staff provide initial crisis assessment and intervention including provision of food, clothing, safe shelter and medical care referral.
  • Case management, drug and sexual exploitation education, and family mediation and counseling work to reunite youth with their family if it is safe and appropriate.  
  • Special arts programming funded by Photocharity encourage expression through music, dance, painting and other media. 
  • Referral to longer-term residential programs or transitional living programs when reunification is not possible.

Day Drop-In Center

  • This program provides street kids with a safe place with supervision and support between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. 
  •  Comprehensive Storefront services are available daily and include food, clothing, showers, laundry facilities, education, recreation, independent living skills and job training, counseling, and case management. 
  • Computer access encourages skill development and provides access to job searches and other resources. 
  • The Independent Living Skills curriculum incorporates the empowering qualities of the Community Youth Development approach to preparing youth for successful independence and healthy engagement in the community.

Street Outreach

More than 2,000 youth are seen annually out on the streets by the Outreach Team.  As part of The Storefront's mission, outreach workers search the streets of San Diego in search of homeless children, providing them with survival information, warm clothing, something to eat, and an opportunity to get off the streets.


The Personal Story of A Storefont Youth

Grace's Story 
When Grace's parents abandoned her, she ended up living on the streets. With no other clear options, she started using drugs and selling her body for a meal and a place to sleep. Storefront outreach workers found her living under a freeway overpass. Grace was skeptical when she first visited the Storefront, but overwhelmed by her hungry and desperate need for a shower. This was the first step in her recovery to a stable life. After living at the Storefront for two months and working with case managers, she applied and was accepted into our Take Wing transitional housing program. She began working part-time and going to school every day and learning to live on her own. "I believe if it wasn't for SDYS," says Grace, "I would be dead."

Josh's Story
View Josh's story

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A view the night shelter sleeping quarters. Youth who stay for more than a few days often decorate their bed to personalize the space

Contact Information:

Phone: (619) 325-3527

Thanks to the San Diego County Employees Charitable Organization (CECO)

CECO (County Employees Charitable Organization) is our summertime hero. For the past several years CECO has granted SDYS’ Storefront emergency shelter funding to purchase food and snacks for youth in shelter as well as for youth on the streets. During the summer, our food consumption goes up mightily. Youth are on summer break; therefore lunch is served at the shelter rather than school.  Meeting this need requires several large shopping trips to ensure that youth are provided with a variety of healthy lunch and snack options, and CECO has stepped up again to help us purchase food. Storefront staff and youth say THANK YOU to all the County employees who have contributed to meeting the needs of homeless, runaway and street youth.

National Council of Jewish Women Aid Homeless Youth in Making Healthy Choices

The National Council of Jewish Women is committed to safer options for at-risk youth. The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) visited our shelter on June 10th to help put together “safer sex” hygiene kits for the outreach team. NCJW has been supporting our outreach team by purchasing condoms, lubricants, and other items for our health education outreach efforts. Thank you ladies for your continued support and spending your Sunday morning with us.

In N Out Burger Foundation continues to provide assistance to Storefront Drop-in Center and Outreach Teams

Youth who are homeless don’t usually have much when they show up at our shelter, but keeping them feed and safe is important. For the third year, In N Out Burger has helped our youth by funding food, bus tokens and gas for our vehicles. Once a week youth who are 18-24 can come to the shelter for showers, laundry and a hot meal. Your continued support is making a difference for homeless teens in our community.

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